We’re live!

By Sandra Kravitz

Hello people,

They say that in an introduction post you should write something about yourself, but we already did that in Who we are page.

First off, there’s Dragan, UX designer and a founder of Vibrant Drive. Being an UX designer, he’ll be writing of user experience, visual design, interfaces, responsive layouts, HTML5/CSS3 techniques, ExpressionEngine and a lot of other interesting topics.

Second, there’s myself, Sandra. With my insatiable hunger for information I spend most of the day reading books, articles, news, blogs… Of course, that’s when I’m not busy working. I’m particularly interested in social media, social networks, online marketing and in copy- and content writing. Thus said, topics I’ll be working on are easy to foresee.

Third, being good hosts, we are happy to make this blog open for guest blogging.

Motivation for blogging comes from our willingness to share knowledge and experience, write some how-to post to help you solve problems, share some useful lists of products and books (and reviews, too), and so on.

We can start communicate right now: if you have some particular questions, or topics you’d like us to work on, just write on your comments, or contact us via our contact form.

That’s all for now, we’re looking forward to writing our blog posts very soon. Be sure not to miss anything and subscribe to our RSS feed.