How we do it

Our development process consists of 4 phases:

  1. Discovery phase,
  2. Creative phase,
  3. Technical phase, and
  4. Review phase.

In Discovery phase we analyze your current website and try to get as much information as we can. This phase is extremely important and we need to work closely with you in order to get proper understanding of product details, sitemap, website sections, etc. After that we’ll work on information architecture and create wireframes for each of the pages. On your approval, it’s time to move on Creative phase.

In the beginning of Creative phase we create mood board, which includes a few different color schemes with addition of different font types, based on your corporate identity. That way you will be able to choose the best looking combination. We’ll use chosen color scheme and font type as well as approved wireframes as our starting point for visual design of your new website. Visual design mockups will be submitted for your approval as soon as we complete each of them, so while you’re analyzing submitted mockup, we’ll work on a new one and so on.

Vibrant Drive Development Process

The next step is Technical phase where we integrate static HTML templates into a specific platform based on your needs. That could be Magento for eCommerce website or ExpressionEngine / WordPress / Perch if your website needs content management system. We integrate all static HTML templates into chosen platform and make them dynamic. This is the step when we actually make website usable.

When everything is in place with chosen platform, we move to the last Review phase. In this phase we test everything, from managing new products, vendors, payment processor, user registration, orders, feedback form, etc.

When we’re 100% sure that everything works as expected, we move your website from development to live server.