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As technology has advanced, the importance of how humans interact with systems, machines, and each other, have also advanced into a fusion of disciplines, coalescing under the banner of “user experience.” And though “experience” is a vast and abstract notion that is highly contingent on the user, successful experiences in either service or product design are ultimately based upon solid design principles.

Discover User Experience Design

Clearleft’s Andy Budd explains how modern UX is more about sketches and prototypes than reams of documentation.

What’s wrong with login forms?

Despite being nearly ubiquitous online, username and password login screens are wrought with usability and security issues. Here’s a small sample of how bad things are.

How To Use “Your” and “My” in User Interfaces

Documents, photos, orders – how to list them? Is it better to use My Documents or Your Documents? Are My Orders more understandable than Your Orders?

10 UX Questions You Should Follow on Quora

With its 350,000 unique visitors in July 2011 (according to Compete), Quora has great potential for  UX newbies to ask questions and follow discussions, and for UX professionals to share their knowledge, experience and advices.

We choose 10 most interesting conversations for you:

List of Important User Experience Terms Every Client Should Know

If you are novice in web design field or need a website, you’re probably confused with all that design and user related terms. We tried to help you by making a list with crucial phrases related to web design. Here’s the collection of definitions with some extra words from us (where needed).

UX | Masterclass Chichago

The fourth UX Masterclass on Sept. 15 and 16 at The Field Museum in Chicago presents a relevant, up-to-date timetable focused on the everyday UX challenges facing professionals from all around the world. Top level User Experience (UX) directors with years of global usability testing and user research experience will share wide range of industry best practices.

User Experience Design, What’s That All About?

Many people don’t understand the term User Experience Design, asking me questions like: “Are you a web designer?”, “Is your job to just make websites?” or “Is UX designer really necessary for website designing process?”.

A Must Read User Experience Design Books for Newbies

Being user experience specialist for many years now, every once in a while someone asks me if I could recommend some books for UX newbies. Here’s the list of books I find very helpful

User research: why is it important

Let’s start with the following quote:

The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.” – Orison Swett Marden

Website making process

Process of making websites consists of four essential phases, each of which can be further divided into several processes.

The ROI of User Experience

Human Factors International, Inc. (HFI), has launched an animated video on YouTube called “The ROI of User Experience”.