How to filter Magento products using 2 or more category filters?

Fully working solution for displaying Magento products using 2 or more category filters.

Responsive Navigation Patterns

Top and left navigations are typical on large screens, but lack of screen real estate on small screens makes for an interesting challenge.

How to Approach a Responsive Design

Folks at Upstatement experimented with how to solve design and layout problems within a responsive framework.

Heatmap Testing For iOS Apps

Real-Time UI testing for iPhone & iPad apps

How To Use “Your” and “My” in User Interfaces

Documents, photos, orders – how to list them? Is it better to use My Documents or Your Documents? Are My Orders more understandable than Your Orders?

How to move your online sales away from PayPal

For one reason or another you might be thinking of moving away from PayPal to your own merchant account and payment gateway.

An HTML5 boilerplate addon for CSS browser nitpicks

Gone are the days of CSS hacks for browsers…wait, no they’re not. Those days aren’t gone. There are still little rendering hiccups in both major and minor versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. The hacks to target those newer browsers are few and far between.

HTML5Pattern, A Collection of Input Patterns For The HTML5

HTML5Pattern is a source of regularly used Inputs-Patterns attributes.

The Relevance of The Baseline Grid

Elliot Jay Stocks talk about baseline grids; specifically, what he’ve learned from doing a large-scale print project like 8 Faces.

Fixing MySQL and phpMyAdmin After Upgrading to OS X Lion

I was impressed how Apple managed upgrade process from OS X Leopard to Lion. Everything was smooth and unreal. All settings, personalization, files, everything was there. Everything was there until I tried to access my local installation of phpMyAdmin. Something was broken..

List of Important User Experience Terms Every Client Should Know

If you are novice in web design field or need a website, you’re probably confused with all that design and user related terms. We tried to help you by making a list with crucial phrases related to web design. Here’s the collection of definitions with some extra words from us (where needed).

Website making process

Process of making websites consists of four essential phases, each of which can be further divided into several processes.

How to track link statistic: extensions for Google Chrome

Probably the most recognized and most used URL shortener webwide is,  and you’re probably using it, too. This how-to article will help you to easily track all of your links with a few Chrome extensions.