Bootstrap, from Twitter

Twitter has released an impressive new HTML and CSS framework called Bootstrap.

The Relevance of The Baseline Grid

Elliot Jay Stocks talk about baseline grids; specifically, what he’ve learned from doing a large-scale print project like 8 Faces.

Fixing MySQL and phpMyAdmin After Upgrading to OS X Lion

I was impressed how Apple managed upgrade process from OS X Leopard to Lion. Everything was smooth and unreal. All settings, personalization, files, everything was there. Everything was there until I tried to access my local installation of phpMyAdmin. Something was broken..

List of Important User Experience Terms Every Client Should Know

If you are novice in web design field or need a website, you’re probably confused with all that design and user related terms. We tried to help you by making a list with crucial phrases related to web design. Here’s the collection of definitions with some extra words from us (where needed).

Tefter v1.1 Released

The new Tefter v1.1 release makes your life easier. We added a custom account type to save your time, so the accounts you use the most are always handy and accessible.

Tefter is the first password management tool that can be installed on your server or local network, and runs on your own server, without any ongoing monthly costs.

UX | Masterclass Chichago

The fourth UX Masterclass on Sept. 15 and 16 at The Field Museum in Chicago presents a relevant, up-to-date timetable focused on the everyday UX challenges facing professionals from all around the world. Top level User Experience (UX) directors with years of global usability testing and user research experience will share wide range of industry best practices.

Vibrant Drive Accepted Into the ExpressionEngine Pro Network

We’re happy and proud to inform you that Vibrant Drive has been accepted to join ExpressionEngine Pro Network!

User Experience Design, What’s That All About?

Many people don’t understand the term User Experience Design, asking me questions like: “Are you a web designer?”, “Is your job to just make websites?” or “Is UX designer really necessary for website designing process?”.

It’s simple until you make it complicated. — Jason Fried

Visual Design for UX Bootcamp

If you’ve wanted to learn more about typography, colour and layout – how to make your deliverables more designerly, how to have better conversations with graphic designers, how to be able to make high fidelity mock ups that look good and work well – here’s the best opportunity you’ll have to not only get the theory but practically apply it in an incredibly hands on two days of workshop with two of the finest web designers in the UK – Mark Boulton and Cheryl Carulli.

A Must Read User Experience Design Books for Newbies

Being user experience specialist for many years now, every once in a while someone asks me if I could recommend some books for UX newbies. Here’s the list of books I find very helpful

Bite-Sized UX Research — Steve Baty

Last week I wrote an article explaining why user experience is important. For further reading I suggest you an article wrote by Steve Baty, where he describes different methods and how to choose among them. The choice should be made based on the phase of development, information needed and many other criteria, all explained in the article.

User research: why is it important

Let’s start with the following quote:

The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.” – Orison Swett Marden

It takes more than capital to swing business. You’ve got to have the A. I. D. degree to get by: Advertising, Initiative, and Dynamics. — Ren Mulford Jr.

Website making process

Process of making websites consists of four essential phases, each of which can be further divided into several processes.

How to track link statistic: extensions for Google Chrome

Probably the most recognized and most used URL shortener webwide is,  and you’re probably using it, too. This how-to article will help you to easily track all of your links with a few Chrome extensions.

The ROI of User Experience

Human Factors International, Inc. (HFI), has launched an animated video on YouTube called “The ROI of User Experience”.

As a founder you have to build a team some day, so why not start the day you found the company? — Ron Conway

Google announces Page Speed Service

It’s a service that’s super simple to set up – web app developers to point their app’s DNS at Google. In return, Google handles rewriting web pages for performance and does things like concatenating scripts and css files and the other best practices outlined by Google in their Page Speed guidelines.

We’re live!

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